Introduction and Navigation

Welcome to the NCSU Mechanical Engineering Senior Design (MAE 416) machine shop. We are located in room 1205 on the ground floor of Engineering Building III. Seniors in MAE 416 are trained in one of the following areas: Welding, Machining (manual mill or lathe), or Shop Fabrication (bandsaw, drill press, brake, shear, grinding wheel, etc.). To see all of our machines, check out the Equipment tab. These capstone senior design projects are directly connected to industry Sponsors, giving seniors great experience in design and fabrication for a real world application.

wide-angle view of the machine shop taken from the entrance

We also have the capability to 3D print, laser cut, waterjet, and CNC mill and lathe. These processes are run by our shop managers/TAs and some require a cost that comes out of your team’s budget. If your team is interested in this, fill out the appropriate form under the Process Request Forms tab, making sure to follow the instructions in the form and submit at least five days in advance of when you need the part.

If you are in MAE 416, before coming into the shop for training, watch the videos in the Before Arriving tab and take the shop quiz. Check the Shop/TA Schedule tab to see what hours we are open. If you are interested in learning more about fabrication and safety, check out the videos in the Education tab.